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Water Purification Systems

ENVI (pronounced E-N-V-EYE), is a design and manufacturer of water purification systems for home, restaurants, country clubs, hotels and manufacturing facilities. With over 50 years experience in water treatment, we offer a complete line of reverse osmosis based systems that can address your needs and provide you with bottled-quality water at every tap.

We also offer free support for anyone with questions regarding their water.

So contact us and we would be happy to help you, regardless of whether you choose our products.

Our Philosophy

Provide Environmentally Smart systems for homes and business through innovative research and pragmatic design.

Our Experience

With over 50 years of experience in the water treatment industry, multiple patents authored, and a passion for simple, efficient designs, we have created a revolutionary approach to water treatment challenges for homes and businesses.

Our Customers

We have systems installed in over 2,000 homes across North America, as well as in over 1,500 restaurants/resorts.

why choose us

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    It's about the Water

    The amount of water on our planet is fixed, and the uses for that water are ever increasing. ENVI uses innovative membrane technology to build systems for homes and businesses that selectively cleanse the water of harmful impurities, without "overdoing it.

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    It's about the Environment

    With ENVI's revolutionary technology, we use water to clean water. There are absolutely no chemicals added to the environment! Never lug bags of salt again!

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    It's about the Technology!

    We marry the innovative membrane design to pragmatic engineering to give our customers systems that are easy to install, easy to service and easy on the budget.

Meet the team

tom Cartwright

Tom Cartwright

  • CEO and Co-Founder of ENVI
  • Focus: Technology Development
  • Over 30 years in the water treatment industry
  • Experience at Ecowater, G.E., Osmonics
  • Author of 8 patents
Scott Bocklund

Scott Bocklund

  • Director, Chairman of the Board of ENVI
  • Focus: Business Development
  • Over 30 years of experience in Management and Finance with domestic and international companies