Our Products

Our products provide clean, purified water wherever water quality is important.

For your home, imagine showering and bathing in purified bottled water. We offer this ultra- quality water at every faucet and point-of-use in your home.

Your hair will be softer, your clothes cleaner, your dishes & glassware spot-free without the need for any additional water treatment, such as a water softener or filtration, in most cases .

For your restaurant, you can remove that water softener and all the individual filters you have for your ice machine, soda fountain and coffee & tea brewers. This one central water purification system will cleanse the water to all of these locations as well as all of your hot water. This means your dishes and glassware come out spot-free - no more wiping down glassware. And you may be able to significantly reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals you are using throughout your facility.

Give us a try. Once you have our system, you will never again go back to "old technology".

ENVI System Options

VT 10,000

For uses requiring 10,000 gallons of water per day.

VT EI-700

For uses requiring 700 gallons of water per day.

VT 700

For uses requiring 700 gallons of water per day.

FS 700 – Spacesaver

Whole house all-in-one reverse osmosis system